Product : Electric Motor

Description : Induction motor, Synchronous motor, Doubly fed electric machine, etc

Brand : Teco, Motovario, Fuji, etc

Product : Varibale Speed Drive / Inverter

Description : Variable Speed Drive

Brand : Danfoss, Unico, etc

Product : UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

Description : Industrial UPS with many range of products

Brand : APC, Liebert, Avaya, etc

Product : Electrical Parts

Description : Contactor, Transformator, MCB/NFB, Photoelectric Sensor, Limit Switch, Push Button, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Parts, etc

Brand : Telemecanique, OMRON, FESTO,etc

Product: Forklift, Stacker & Hand Pallet

Description : Unit Forklift (Diesel & Electric), Spare Part, After Sales Services & Rental.

Brand : TCM, Clark, Toyota, Nissan, Dalton, Heli, Nanshin, etc.

Product : Panel Box

Description : Stainless Steel, Powder Coating, Galvanis, etc

Brand : Fabrication and customize

Product : Electrical Cable & Fiber Optic

Description : Electrical, Instrumentation & IT cable

Brand : Belden, Turck, etc