Design & Specification

  • Expanded data logging facility
  • Pulse integrity to IP 252/76, API Ch 5.5 Level A
  • 3 Serial communications ports
  • High resolution 20 bit A/D converter for analog inputs
  • Gas applications 1 or 2 meter runs (streams)
  • Liquid applications 1 meter run (stream) and proving
  • Reduced cycle time


A flow computer is a special purpose device which computes a corrected flow based on information derived from raw input signals and stored sensor and fluid properties information.

Typical applications include:

Computation of Heat Flow, Mass Flow, Corrected Volume Flow typically require a flow computer. In addition, many flow sensors require linearization to improve accuracy. The flow computer is also used for data logging, communication, remote metering, alarming and control functions. In many cases a flow computer may replace some of the functionality of a small PLC in your application.


    Gas density calculations for natural gas, steam, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and ethylene are also selectable.

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