PVC Diaphragm Valve product from Inako Persada

Design & Specification :

Temperature Rating : “A” Weir Pattern, Straight Type (KB)
Part Number : SK-DV-005
Seal Material : EPDM
Body Material : Clear PVC
End Type : Socket
Size : 1/2″

For more detail please contact :

PT. Inako Persada
Office           : Cikarang, Bekasi, Indonesia
Phone          : 021-89903505
Email           : sales@inakopersada.com
Mobile/WA : 0853 5111 2309


This 1/2 inch PVC diaphragm valve features a clear PVC top with a wheel for manual operation. The ends are true union for easy installation and removal of the valve if necessary. The bottom of the valve features screw holes for mounting. EPDM seals and diaphragm provide a reliable leak-free valve in the closed position. Easy-read indicator in the handle stem provides a clear visual on your media flow.