Oil Injected Screw Compressor Hitachi product from Inako Persada


Motor Output             : 7,5 kW – 160 kW
Flow Rate Capacity  : 20.5 m3/min – 45,0 m3/min
Maximum Pressure  : 7 bar –  9 bar


For more detail please contact :

PT. Inako Persada
Office            : Cikarang, Bekasi, Indonesia
Phone           : 021-89903505
Email            : sales@inakopersada.com
Mobile/WA  : 0812 8460 0524


Our Oil Flooded/Injected/Lubricated Scew Compressor products ranges from reliable basic screw compressors to the more advanced air compressors with variable speed drive delivering the absolute latest in technological development and energy efficiency

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